4-year-old Lad Shayan Jamal, selected to play for U-12 cricket team


This is hard to believe that a 4 year old boy, Shayan Jamal has been selected to play for under 12 Cricket Team.
“I want to play for India one day, like Virat Kohli. I admire him because he is a good batsman and scores centuries,” says Shayan, KG student at Hamdard Public School in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar.

“Shayan’s cricketing sense is strong and he his hungry to play cricket. If I give him a break for a day or two, he begins to pester me, asking ‘why we’re not going for nets! His game is natural. I am just trying to mould him,” says Arshad, the father of Shayan and a former club level cricketer.

According to the sputniknews.com, the child is presently receiving from noted cricket coacher, Uttam Bhattacharya. Shayan’s talent was immediately valued by Uttam who admitted him to his cricket academy and now trains him regularly.

Shayan Jamal Practicing Video: