WATCH: Kevin Pietersen Tried To Troll MS Dhoni But Dhoni’s Reply Was A Total Burn


During the second IPL Match of 2017 between Rising Pune Supergiants and Mumbai Indians, Manoj Tiwary was micked up with commentators. He is at slip position and that too very next to MS Dhoni. Kevin Peitersen is the man who is on other end of the mic in commentators’ room. Friendly word war was happened between Manoj Tiwary, Kevin Peitersen and MS Dhoni. The conversion is comes follow,

Kevin Pietersen (Former RPS Batsman): You are looking good, mate. Can you just do me a favor and can you just whisper in MS’ ear that I am a better golfer than him?”

Manoj Tiwary: (smiling) I will do that after this ball.

Kevin Pietersen: Thank you. Come on, you have got an opportunity now. Please tell him. Please tell him.

Manoj Tiwary: (speaking to MS Dhoni) bhaiya, Kevin Pietersen bol raha hai ki woh aapse better golfer hai. (still laughing) [ Kevin Pietersen says he is a better golfer than you]

MS Dhoni: (speaking to the mic and addressing KP with a smile on his face) He is still my first Test wicket

Kevin Pietersen: (failing to control his laughter) It was a referral. It was a referral. Not Out. I’ll tell you what it’s wonderful when you get real good people on the mic, you got the players on there, you get some great stuff. Well done, mate.

Watch it here: